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Cortez Flying Service is proud to be working with the communities new Emergency Air Medical Transport Service, Classic Air Medical. The service Classic Air Medical will provide to Cortez is a huge asset. Having a locally based emergency flight service at the hospital will significantly speed up response times for emergencies. 

Classic Air Medical will be utilizing our hangars when necessary. This will include when  weather conditions would otherwise prevent the helicopter from being based at the hospital's helipad. This will help response times in winter months.  The hangars will also provide the facility for any scheduled, or unscheduled, maintenance. Cortez Flying Service will be on 24 hour callout for any fuel or servicing needs for this emergency service. We are giving Classic Air Medical a discount on fuel to help promote this vital air ambulance service to the Cortez Community. Our goal in this trying time is to assist in the ways that we are able. We know that Classic Air Medical will excel at servicing the community, and we very much look forward to working with them going forward.

For more information on Classic Air Medical, click here. 

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